Weight Loss and Management

A deeper understanding of weight control requires a more holistic view of the body and the conditions that stimulate weight conservation, and those that support weight reduction. Effective and permanent weight management is the result of lifestyle and dietary modifications, hormone balance, effective detoxification, sufficient amounts of quality sleep, and functional stress management. Some of these underlying imbalances can be resolved quickly and/or easily, while others require a longer, more consistent approach, but a healthy weight – correlated with less inflammation, better cardiovascular health throughout the lifespan, and reduced signs of aging – is absolutely attainable!

As your coach, I will focus on

  • optimizing body composition, health, and performance
  • developing a nutrition program specific to your needs
  • informing you on portion and calorie control, food selection, and food timing
  • helping you produce the results you want

I believe, losing weight should be fun and highly motivational. How ready are you to shed some pounds? Call Optimum Health Clinic (514-933-8029) for your free assessment and details on the next weight loss program.