What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced “Ray Key”), simply explained, means “universal life force.” It works on the body, mind and spirit by stimulating a person’s own natural healing abilities. The blocked emotional and physical elements that lead to illness and disease are cleared. Reiki is neither positive nor negative; it is in fact the highest and most profound vibration of life.

How can Reiki help me?

Good question!
It can help you with:

  • your hormonal signs and symptoms. Reiki is a full body experience and as such it is possible to heal physical, mental, emotional or spiritual states and bring your body back to balance.
  • an acute injury and speeding the healing process. NOTE: more chronic illness can take longer. In some extreme cases of illness such as terminal illness, there is not enough time for the progress of the disease to be reversed but Reiki can still help. It can enhance the quality of the time remaining by giving a sense of inner peace and acceptance.

What can I expect from a Reiki Session?

The Three R’s: Relax, Rebalance, Rejuvenate.

The touch of Reiki can bring about deep relaxation, re-energize you when you feel drained, relieve pain, calm you when stressed or afraid, dissipate anger, soothe away worries, and accelerate natural healing of physical or emotional wounds. It can also open our heart to gratitude and forgiveness, and engender a new way of being….a new way of feeling.

This form of energy medicine can help prevent the development of disease or any current condition from progressing. The simplicity of a Reiki session may raise some skepticism, however, after just one session, many clients keep coming back for more relaxation and rejuvenation.

Make an appointment today for a 30 or 60 minute Reiki treatment to relax, rebalance, and rejuvenate. This will help you feel your optimum best!

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YES, I’m Curious!