What I am about to share with you isn’t new, but what you can do about it is.

This is a story about a woman – could this be you?

Late one Tuesday evening she was headed home after a long and arduous day. She had worked a bit longer than she wanted to wrapping up an overdue project. Her teenaged children were already home, and she hoped their homework was already done. She was grateful she could just walk in, grab anything convenient to munch on, put up her feet and relax. Flicking on the turn signal and getting anxious to get to her couch, she applied her foot to the brake. No response. Pumping the brake over and over and nothing. Her mind went into a thousand directions – can I turn? If I turn, I’ll hit the house. I’m going too fast. How do I slow down? Should I hit something? I can’t hit something. I’ll hurt someone. I’m going to get hurt. What have I done? In her panic she hit a wall.

We all have.

You’ve done it. I’ve done it. We’ve taken our car in to have regular maintenance. Made sure the oil is changed regularly, good tire pressure, right tires for the right season, any squeaks let’s lubricate. We have a system of checks every six to eight thousand kilometers. We even get a guide and the service manager will tell us to pay attention to the scheduled maintenance because it can extend the life of your car.

What about extending your life?

I challenge you to making a Scheduled Maintenance Checklist for your body. After all, that is the vehicle you’re in 100% of the time.

Being educated about what causes problems and what you can do to prevent them is the first and most important step to preventing common women’s health issues.

I encourage you to reach out to me about any concerns you may have, and know that you do not have to live with any symptoms.

I can help you:

  • determine what health problems you should watch out for based on your unique history and habits
  • establish your baseline health status
  • with a treatment plan appropriate for you based on many factors such as your age, overall health status, personal health history, and your current symptoms or chronic health concerns
  • reach your health goals with heart-centered guidance and support
  • with a maintenance program leading to an improved quality of life

A routine consultation with proper follow-up may help you identify health risks earlier. Would you not like to find potential health problems BEFORE you feel sick or would you prefer to go careening down the street completely out of control? It may seem a tad dramatic but this is a wake-up call for us all.

My goal is to protect, promote, and maintain health and well-being and to prevent disease. Consider making it yours…

You will learn how to:

  • build healthy habits even when it’s not convenient.
  • maintain a healthy lifestyle because it’s important enough to make a few sacrifices
  • eat right for your metabolism and body type
  • make exercise a fun and integral part of your health plan
  • avoid destructive substances like tobacco, alcohol
  • reduce excessive amounts of sugar and salt (these are crucial) AND
  • get restful sleep each night and wake-up feeling energized and ready-to-go…

Healthy habits are an “automatic” defense against most illnesses and can provide us a healthy – and thus vibrant – life.

To start your own “good health” practices, I will hi-lite four things you can do immediately:

1) Don’t smoke or use other tobacco products; Drink only in moderation (and red wine is the most acceptable use of alcohol). I repeat this point because of how vital it is.

2) Eat a proper, balanced diet to get the correct amount of nutrients and calories daily. We can work on a nutrition plan with a certified nutritionist.

3) Exercise at least three days per week.

4) See your healthcare practitioner regularly for consultations and follow-ups. Don’t run from us, we’re your new Service Team!

By seeing me there are many direct benefits such as not having to deal with uncomfortable or painful symptoms, feeling more energetic, and just being able to fully enjoy your daily activities feeling confident  that you’re in your optimum health.

Sign up for my package now and minimize your risk factors.

Start enjoying the quality of life that you hoped for. You do not have to stop living because of chronic conditions that overwhelm your daily activities, or get sick repeatedly. Many diseases – when caught early – can be nipped in the bud and optimum health returned quickly. By taking care of yourself the way you do your loved ones, will make it much more unlikely that most disease will become serious enough to negatively affect your lifestyle with debilitating symptoms.

At each Stage of a Woman’s Life, there are important preventive health care steps to follow in order to provide early detection of medical problems, or to prevent them. General preventive medicine focuses on promoting health, preventing disease, and managing your health. After all, your health is in your hands, and I can empower you to be and feel your optimum best. I find solutions to your problems because at Optimum Health Clinic, “Achieving your goals is our greatest success!”

You can feel vital and whole, just reach out and ask me. I am here for you – connect with me.

So decide to take action NOW… Say, “I am ready to step into vibrant health”.

To all women, everywhere… sending you love, light, and healing.

Until next time…

BIG Hugs,