The Mission of Optimum Health Clinic is to provide women with:

  • a serene, supportive environment where they are heard
  • an awareness and understanding of how to get healthy and stay healthy through individualized care, treatment, guidance, and support
  • holistic and heart-centered health care


My vision for Optimal Health Clinic is to be the leading authority and resource center for women’s mind-body wellness in Montreal. My goal is for all women to know that they do not have to live with hormonal issues and to believe that they can live with vitality, achieve optimum health, and continue doing what they do best- shining their light and gifts on others.


It is my belief that the underlying root cause for hormonal imbalances in each person differs from one to the other.

I also believe that “the body knows” and has the ability to gain and maintain health. Excess stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, genetic disposition, exposure to chemicals or pesticides, injury, trauma, all which can lead to hormonal imbalances and other health conditions.

My approach is getting to the root of the underlying problem and assisting all women from puberty to menopause in overcoming their greatest hormonal and health challenges so they can be in control of their own wellness.