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Greetings Dear Friend,

Women hear me roar!  In today’s world of fast food, fast service, and fast technology yet you may be feeling more overwhelmed than ever and these stress levels are sabotaging your health. Stress is insidious. It infiltrates our bodies. Stress can lead to depression, anxiety, heart disease, and even diabetes. And due to the global pandemic, stress, anxiety, and depression have skyrocketed in numbers and urgency. Stress, in itself, has become a crisis.

However, physical symptoms that accompany stress are part of the body’s warning system. That’s the good news! You just have to listen when your body talks. Symptoms nudge you to take better care of yourself.

Though stress is a mental thing it does have a strong fight-or-flight effect on the body. How? The stress chemicals adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol, cause the heart to race and the blood pressure to rise. In today’s world it basically causes or brain to overreact. And do note, that prolonged stress makes immune cells insensitive to the hormone’s regulatory effect. Manage your stress and your hormones will be happier.

So what is your body like on Stress? I will specifically refer to just 4 parts of the human anatomy the brain, the heart, the stomach, and the back.

The Brain – Cortisol from chronic stress can damage your short-term memory; stress can actually reduce gray matter.

The Heart – Stress hormones can narrow the arteries in the heart and increase heart rate. Without managing your stress levels, overtime you may develop cardiovascular disease.

The Stomach – Stress slows down the digestive process while increasing the chances of inflammation, causing pain, gas, or diarrhea. So DO NOT eat, (or even cook) under stress.

The Back – Adrenaline (from the sympathetic nervous system) alerts muscles to tense up. Pain and spasms in your back, or neck, may result especially if they’re weak spots for you.

Stress impacts ALL of your systems – every single one.

A key to weathering life’s drama is friends. We can all cope by leaning on social supports, which dramatically reduces stress and strengthens resilience.

If you’re wondering “Why Me?” Well, there could be a genetic predisposition to be reactive or calm. However, do not succumb to the blame game as you would only be hurting yourself even more.

Yes, Dear Women, we all need to manage stress but how? I highly recommend a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and meditation.  So go easy on the chocolate chip cookies and late night binges of “Game of Thrones” or “ Downton Abbey.” If meditating for even 5 minutes a day sounds like torture, then try Tai Chi (a meditation in motion). It helps relax the nerves with deep breathing and improves flexibility.

Your take home message: Nothing will help your stressed out self if you choose to ignore your symptoms. Your body (the only temple you have) and your brain are not subtle about telling you when you’re stressed. If you get regular headaches, or you’re not sleeping well, stop and ask yourself “What’s going on?”  Then reach out and seek help to stay calm and motor on.

In closing, I would like to invite you to join the community PTSD & Grief Thrivers and Survivors, a Facebook group I created to network women who may be suffering from PTSD and other related mental health conditions that have been caused by some type of traumatic experience. Its purpose is to provide information and education regarding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in relation to women. This is a safe place to get advice and find support from others with similar experiences, challenges, and goals regarding diagnosis, treatment, and management of PTSD and Grief. It’s a place where you can advocate for awareness and understanding of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and its effects on women. No woman will live alone with it, help me break the silence and shame.    Follow this link to join.

Additionally, I am happy to offer this time-limited Holiday Special. Contact me directly to arrange your appointment at irene@optimumhealthclinic.ca or at 514-933-8029.








To all women, everywhere… sending  you love, light, and healing.

Until next time…

BIG Hugs,
Irene xx








optimumhealthclinic.comA little about Irene:

Irene Andrejczuk, ND is a clinical naturopath, Reiki Master, NLP practitioner, Kundalini Yoga practitioner, End of Life Doula, and owner and founder of Optimum Health Clinic, Montreal, Qc.

She provides counseling in the areas of PTSD, grief/loss, bereavement, depression, anxiety, adjustment to injury or illness and trauma. Irene is a frequent blogger on PTSD and grief. She continues to offer support during the pandemic through Skype, phone, or email. She is offering special “never seen before” promotions during COVID-19 and an additional discount to Essential Care Workers and First Responders.

Irene can easily be reached by email at irene@optimumhealthclinic.ca or at 514-933-8029.





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