You Are Not Alone

Recently I have had an increasing number of people sharing what is causing them the most stress right now.

In light of all of the things happening in our social systems and across our planet, I was NOT surprised to hear their answers, spanning a large number of issues.

And…there was one theme that stood out— that underlies many others — the worry, concern, stress, and anxiety of strained relationships — interpersonal ones, and those between groups, communities and countries.

The last several months, continual crises have taken a toll on most of us. People are aching. Suffering. Angry. Worn out. Emotionally drained.

optimumhealthclinic.caThe experience of worry, pain, and fear have become too much to carry alone, and it often triggers old patterns and cellular memories of trauma that affect our behavior, our wellbeing, and the ways in which we relate to one another. It is true that current and historical emotional imprints remain in our energy field, stored in the cells of our body, and can interrupt natural flow of energy.

The good news is, you can begin your journey toward healing and peace NOW. Surfacing old blocked energy patterns can be an invitation for detoxification of what no longer serves you as well as an invitation towards new actions that can transform into a whole new you.

I can help you get “unstuck”, conquer your worries and fears, and heal your heart. I use evidence based techniques that shift the tides of pain for your own healing, healing of your relationships, and you CAN finally say “NO MORE” to feelings of stress and anxiety. It would feel GREAT to kick unwanted emotions to the curb, wouldn’t it? The ripple effects will touch those close to you as well as the generations to come. You can stop the cycle NOW.

Over the last several emails I’ve been writing about PTSD, grief, stress and anxiety. The tools and techniques I use have been proven to alter the chemistry of the brain and nervous system, and in turn, help to moderate depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, and balance emotions that naturally support transformation in the ways we respond and relate to each other and to our external world.

In human experience, relationships are the most important and challenging aspect we experience on an everyday basis — especially during the Holiday time.

Are you ready to heal once and for all?

Use this period of time RIGHT NOW to focus your attention on healing all relationships —particularly challenging and impactful ones — from the past and the present.

Just before the Holiday season begins, I can help you, or someone you know, dive as deep as possible to heal the pain, trauma, mother wounds, and emotional stress from childhood, adulthood, intergenerational, and past lives so you can embody health, love, and peace today and all your tomorrows.

I would be honoured to help you navigate this journey. You are NOT alone.

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optimumhealthclinic.comA little about Irene:

Irene Andrejczuk, ND is a clinical naturopath, Reiki Master, NLP practitioner, Kundalini Yoga practitioner, End of Life Doula, and owner and founder of Optimum Health Clinic, Montreal, Qc.

She provides counseling in the areas of PTSD, grief/loss, bereavement, depression, anxiety, adjustment to injury or illness and trauma. Irene is a frequent blogger on PTSD and grief. She continues to offer support during the pandemic through Skype, phone, or email. She is offering special “never seen before” promotions during COVID-19 and an additional discount to Essential Care Workers and First Responders.

Irene can easily be reached by email at or at 514-933-8029.



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