Conquer Your Fears and Heal Your Heart

After working with many clients over the years, and due to the pandemic, I’ve decided to extend my services to all of the subscribers of the website (that means you).  It has been my experience that individual consulting has led to much more expedited progress in overcoming the ebbs of painful, unwanted emotions and getting readers like yourself out of the proverbial “funk” that these can create.

Do You Want To:

  • survive through any crisis and beyond?
  • learn new and effective coping skills?
  • reduce your level of trauma/stress/anxiety/depression?
  • say NO MORE to nightmares and flashbacks?
  • stop living in pain?
  • feel a sense of “normalcy?

If you’ve been using other strategies and techniques shown to you over time but have been experiencing slower than desired progress, this may be for you.
I’m now offering 1-on-1 counseling for dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, fear, panic, and grief through Skype (or ZOOM) on an hourly basis and I’m introducing this service at a special price you will never find anywhere.  For more information regarding this incredible introductory offer click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.





So, if you think this is the kind of hand-holding support that can get you “unstuck” from your current emotional/mental state and give you the peace of mind you deserve – now is the time to take advantage of this service.
If you’d like to know what this is all about and what personalized counseling may do for you, then I encourage you to check it out here and take advantage of the FREE Emotional Assessment Questionnaire as well.



Want to get started now?

Feel free to ask or schedule a free 15 min. consultation to give you abetter idea if this is a good fit for your needs. This special offer won’t last forever – so I highly recommend that you don’t delay and get “locked” in at the special rate. 

You can drop me an email with any questions you have about the counseling service I provide. I will be sure to respond within 72 hours as well as provide you with the results to the questionnaire if you decide to complete it.

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YOU could win a FREE counseling session (Value $250)

To enter, simply show my FB business page a little love, by “liking” it. You’ll then receive other offers and practical tips on emotional health and wellness, and be entered in the contest.   For a chance to WIN, click here:


Contest ends November 30, 2020

I am a firm believer that there is nothing normal about being in a constant state of fear, worry, panic, anxiety, or sadness. I will provide healthy, evidence-based ways of dealing and coping in these times and beyond.

Are you ready to conquer your fears and heal your heart?

Then I hope to meet you soon!

Yours in optimum wellness,


PS  Kindly share this newsletter, if you know of anyone who can benefit from this exclusive one-of-a-kind offer during these times of unprecedented challenges and uncertainty.


A little about Irene

Irene Andrejczuk, ND is a clinical naturopath, Reiki Master, NLP practitioner, Kundalini Yoga practitioner, counselor, and owner and founder of Optimum Health Clinic, Montreal, Qc. She provides counseling in the areas of PTSD, grief/loss, bereavement, depression, anxiety, adjustment to injury or illness and trauma. Irene is a frequent blogger on PTSD and grief. She continues to offer support during the pandemic through Skype, phone, or email. She is offering special “never seen before” promotions during Covid and an additional discount to Essential Care Workers and First Responders.

Irene can easily be reached through her website, www.optimumhealthclinic.ca/counseling , by email at irene@optimumhealthclinic.ca or at 514-933-8029


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