6 Sure Ways to Crush Your 2020 Health Goals

This year is the first chapter of an entire new decade, right?

And 2020 brings a whole new meaning to setting goals – and to help you jump start your year off in the right direction, I want to give you surefire strategies to help you crush your health goals this year.

Like the majority of us, you have probably started the new year with the best of health resolutions, but then find yourself getting propelled and pulled by everyday life. The result? The entire year has passed you by, and you are still experiencing the same symptoms and health issues.

I totally get it! I’ve been there! I understand!  I’ve fallen victim to this vicious cycle in the past, but decided “NO MORE” and made some major changes to get back my energy, strength, stamina, and resilience.

First off,  let me reassure you that it’s not your fault if you haven’t reached your New Year’s resolutions in the past. What you need now is a different plan of action.

There’s much more to achieving a goal than just setting one.

In my practice, I have been privileged to work with all types of women, and no matter what their health goals were, I have found that these 6 strategies were critical for their success.

#1 – Reframe Your Goals  

The desire to lose weight or gain more energy are at the top of COUNTLESS New Year’s Resolution lists, Optimum Health Clinicand I understand. Who among us doesn’t want to look and feel amazing every single day?

But these are only surface goals. Let’s rethink the “why” behind them.

Is health your ultimate goal? Then, make “eating healthier” your desired outcome. DO you want to love your body again? Then, make “self-confidence and love” your goal.

Getting down to the heart of what YOU really want will help make the journey of getting the desired outcome so much easier.

It is not only necessary, but crucial to focus on what you do want and the why behind it. If you do, this will keep you going and flowing in the right direction, and you are then more likely to stay more motivated to make the changes.


#2 – Set Yourself Up for Success not Failure

Distractions are everywhere these days and they can come in many forms; food, finances,  social media, physical clutter, negative people who drain your energy, or people who convince you to do things that aren’t in your health’s best interest.

Take the time needed to set up your environment in a way that it supports the pursuit of your goals.

The most challenging and difficult part of any goal is getting started, so set yourself up for success before you even start! For example, remove any food in your fridge and pantry that isn’t in alignment with how you want to be eating. Meal prep for the week. Decide on your workout clothes the night before, start an exercise routine if you don’t already have one. With just a little planning, you will be more inclined to stick to it, making your goals easier to achieve.

And, since I have seen many women in my practice with difficulty in setting some healthy boundaries here’s what I suggest. For those people in your life who may not have similar goals and aspirations as you, set a time limit with a reasonable excuse as to why you need to get going…or perhaps stop seeing them.

You need to be around those who support you.


#3 – Build upon your existing rituals

We all have certain things we do daily, on autopilot. Showering, brushing our teeth, brewing a cup of coffee or tea, the first few moments we wake up, are all ritual (or habits), and something we can build upon.

Achieving your health goals can seem daunting. The idea of having to “create time” or space to workout,  to eat better, to drink more water, to practice yoga or meditate, and so on… We are busy already it can feel overwhelming, daunting, (and downright impossible) to fit anything else in.


Here’s the solution:  

Build upon the time you’ve already carved out for the rituals (habits) you already have in place?

This REALLY helped me build a meditation practice. As a novice, I started with just 3 minutes of meditation as part of my morning routine. It eventually grew into 11 minutes and is now 32 minutes.

Another habit I have is my “inner shower” ritual. Every evening before I go to bed, I fill an 8 ounce glass with filtered water and set it on my nightstand. When I wake up, before my feet touch the floor, I drink the complete glass. It helps to hydrate and cleanse – like a shower for my insides. I have gained more energy and my digestion has improved.

I often suggest my clients do a quick gratitude practice in their car in the driveway when they get home from work before entering their house. It’s a great way to disconnect from work and be present for loved ones.

Do take the time to assess your current rituals and how you can build upon them with the things that specifically support your health and overall well-being.


 #4 – Get Accountability and Support

I think it’s commendable to ask for help, to reach out. All too often you talk yourself out of it, right? Rather than spin your wheels deciding what foods to eat, what exercise to engage in, which meditation to try, supplements to take, or about anything else related to your health goals, reach out to the experts and resources to be your guide.

Set yourself up for success by asking the right experts to help and keep you accountable.  Whether it is a massage therapist, a Reiki master, a clinical nutritionist, a weight loss coach, an acupuncturist, a naturopath, or a yoga therapist, reach out and ask for help. Getting accountability and support will increase your chances for success.


#5 – Don’t Play the Guessing Game

OMG! I have had countless clients tell me, “I’ve tried everything” when it comes to diet and exercise, yet nothing seems to work. Perhaps you feel the same way, right? If so, then the time is NOW to test instead of guess. You are unique (there is no one EXACTLY like you) and therefore your diet, exercise routine, sleep, supplements and stress reduction needs will be unique too. What works for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for you.

When your efforts to lose weight, increase your energy, and get your health issues under control aren’t working, it’s a sign that something bigger is going on beneath the surface. Perhaps your symptoms are related to hormone imbalances, liver congestion, poor nutrient absorption, genetics, or toxicity in the body. Whatever the condition, it is important to assess the root cause.

Your results will always be lacking, no matter how many diets or workout routines you try, if you’ve got something greater going on under the hood.

Get a bigger picture of your overall health and take a more strategic and personalized approach to achieving your health goals this year.

You may be thinking, wait I”m ok. I have no issues. Remember, the absence of symptoms doe not mean you are healthy.

Don’t play the guessing game. Make an appointment to see a health care practitioner.

Prevention is key.


#6 – Celebrate What Your Body Can Do

You are, no doubt, getting inundated with diet, weight loss, detox and fitness offers right now. Health has no size, so instead of obsessing about every inch, every pound or every calorie, celebrate what your body can do instead. How?  By taking care of yourself- body, mind, and spirit. It’s 2020- it’s time to honor yourself and your body’s miraculous ability to self-heal. Our health is our number one asset…our greatest wealth.


SO, believe, have faith, reach out, and celebrate for making your health a priority this year.

Here’s to you achieving your health goals!

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I am your biggest cheerleader! You got this! This is your year to crush it!

Yours in health,

Sending Love & Healing Hugs,



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